Clinical psychologist

Clinical psychologist:Salary and conditions

  • Trainee clinical psychologists start at Band 6 (£24,000). After qualification, salaries within the National Health Service (NHS) start at Band 7 (see NHS Careers ). A typical starting salary would be in the region of £27,000 (salary data collected Sept 09).
  • For more experienced psychologists, salaries start at Band 8a, from £30,000 up to £50,000 (salary data collected Sept 09).
  • Band 8 roles apply to senior experienced psychologists, possibly managing departments or large specialist sections with responsibility for the psychology service and its staff. Salaries in these posts can be in excess of £80,000 (salary data collected Sept 09).
  • A London allowance is payable in the NHS.
  • Salaries in private hospitals and private practice vary.
  • Working hours are generally nine to five, with the possibility of extra hours in the evenings or weekends. Occasionally, an on-call system covering emergency situations may be in operation.
  • Self-employment/freelance work is sometimes possible. Opportunities for private or clinical practice, and for industrial or commercial consultancy, are growing.
  • In 2008, 82% of new entrants to the profession were female, with a slightly smaller proportion within the profession as a whole. This reflects the gender ratio of students taking first degrees in psychology.
  • Jobs are available in most large towns and cities, with fewer opportunities in rural areas.
  • The work can be stressful as it involves contact with many different types of people who are often distressed in some way. Supervision by colleagues is important. Occasionally, situations of potential personal risk may be encountered.
  • Local travel within a working day is common. Absence from home overnight may occasionally be required. Overseas work or travel is uncommon.
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