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Psychology BSc UCAS Code: C800 

The Psychology BSc at UCL reflects our belief that you should be exposed to the widest possible coverage of the field of psychology, together with the opportunity for a measure of specialisation within your studies, in order to make informed and rational decisions about your future career.


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 Entry Requirements and Application

 Degree Summary

Degree Structure

In each year of your degree you will take a number of individual modules, normally valued at 0.5 or 1.0 credits, adding up to a total of 4.0 credits for the year. Modules are assessed in the academic year in which they are taken. The balance of compulsory and optional modules varies from programme to programme and year to year. A 1.0 credit is recognised as being equivalent to 15 credits in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).  Year OneCompulsory coursesIntroduction to Psychological Experiments
Introduction to Statistical Methods in Psychology
Concepts and Methods in Psychology
Memory and Decision
Social Psychology
The Psychology of Individual Differences Optional coursesYou will take two subsidiary courses from outside the department. Year TwoCompulsory coursesResearch and Quantitative Methods in Psychology
Design and Analysis of Psychological Experiments
Brain and Behaviour
Health and Clinical Psychology
Perception, Attention and Action
Cognition and Language
Developmental Psychology Optional coursesEither:
Computing for Psychologists
One subsidiary course from outside the department Final YearCompulsory courseResearch Project Optional coursesYou will select six optional courses to the value of 3.0 credits. Options may include:

Social Psychology
Psychology of Education
Organisational Psychology
Psychology of Health Risks
Human Computer Interaction
Applied Decision Making
Language & Cognition
Human Learning and Memory
Cognitive Neuroscience
Brain in Action
Genes and Behaviour
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