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This depends entirely on the field of psychology and the level that the psychologist works at.

First off, someone who has studied only an undergraduate psychology degree is not a psychologist. Postgraduate degrees such as Masters and Doctorates are needed to become a chartered, practising psychologist in the UK. The only post of 'psychologist' that can be taken on by someone who has only an undergraduate degree is 'Assistant Psychologist'. An Assistant can expect to earn from £15-25000 per year.

A psychologist who has completed the appropriate postgraduate qualifications can expect to earn around £25-40000 per year. Again this varies depending on the qualifications needed for the specific field. For example, clinical psychologists typically earn more than forensic psychologists and this may be because clinical psychology requires a 3 year doctorate whereas forensic requires a 1 year MSc. Psychologists who practise privately can earn more than this but ti will depend on how many clients they have and how much they charge.

A very experienced psychologist, such as one promoted to consultant clinical psychologist, can expect to earn £60-90000 per year and that's just within the NHS. Some occupational psychologists working for high end businesses can make in excess of £80000 per year.

Most psychologists are employed by Government institutions such as the NHS and the Prison Service and many others are employed by charities. So in order to justify receiving a high salary you need at least a Masters degree, sometimes a doctorate and a lot of years spent gainig experience and working your way through the ranks.

Hope this helps!
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